Pengelly Press - Publisher of books on Cornwall. Boconnoc - The History of a Cornish Estate “The story of the estate at Boconnoc, situated near Lostwithiel in south-east Cornwall, is an extraordinary one. As this history demonstrates, members of the Cornish families who have owned the estate over many centuries have played important roles within the immediate locality and in national events.” Connections - Aspects of the History of North Cornwall “Connections is an eclectic mix of accounts of North Cornwall people and places leading on from the research carried out by the author when working on her previous book on Delabole…This book is well-written and exhaustively researched, illustrating just how far the strands of history interconnect in North Cornwall and beyond.” Delabole - The History of the Slate Quarry and the Making of its Village Community Delabole is a fascinating village which has grown up around a slate quarry that has been worked since the thirteenth century.  Yet, until 2007 no history of the quarry and the village had ever been written.  This book, based on a Ph.D. thesis, remedies that omission. The author Catherine Lorigan was born in London. After her uncle and aunt moved to Cornwall she started visiting them and quickly developed a deep and abiding interest in the history of the county.  She has degrees from the universities of Birmingham, Oxford and Exeter.  She was awarded her Ph.D. by the Institute of Cornish Studies, part of the University of Exeter, in 2004. Since completing Connections she has been researching the history of Boconnoc. This is the subject of her third book, entitled Boconnoc. The History of a Cornish Estate which is being published in July 2017. "Carts leaving Quarry" Image is copyright Cornwall Records Office, reference CRO AD 255.  
What Next: Since completing Boconnoc, Catherine has been researching the history of Padstow, which will provide the subject of her fourth book.  Watch this site for news of a publication date.   Welcome  |  Book Shop  | Boconnoc  |   Connections  | Delabole  |  Contact Us  |  Sitemap   
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